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Who are the people behind Reviyo?

We are a dedicated team based in Varna, Bulgaria who are passionate about ecommerce, web & marketing. The story behind our company started back in 2020, when Denislav, Stefan and other enthusiasts created the first Viber chatbot for food ordering in Bulgaria. We wanted to help restaurants increase their revenue by creating a Viber channel where customers can make orders. Unfortunately, the scope of the project was too big for the resources that our team owned back in that days.

Jumping forward in 2022, our CEO Denislav came up with another idea to help eCommerce businesses. His comprehensive 10+ years experience in startups, technology and business development and combining with the 7-year knowledge and practice in Marketing and Sales of Stefan, our CMO and Client Success Manager, they`ve started the journey to be one of the few companies that can help Shopify and other eComm stores to increase their revenue and automate review collection and order updates using WhatsApp as a channel.

In the summer of 2022, Denislav Vasilev was able to pitch perfectly the value of Reviyo infront of a National Accelerator program to receive the first investment and start building the product. Year and a half later, on board with the team came Peter - our experienced CTO, Denislav Marinov - our Quality Assurance Expert and Teodor - BackEnd Developer Guru.

We want Reviyo to be the chat marketing company that businesses love and customers cherish. We envision a future where chat marketing is the preferred method for businesses to connect with their customers, and Reviyo is the leading provider of chat marketing solutions that make customer engagement a breeze.

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